What is the most profitable OTT channel to stream video?

Nov 28, 2019

We made research of what streaming devices are the most popular in the USA nowadays, and of course smart TV are not the last one. But what device is better to choose? Cause the more popular it is, the more subscribers you have, and obviously the more money you’ll get.

According to the latest market analysis report from Technavio [source], the global smart TV market size will grow by 266.03 million units from 2019 to 2023. And below you can see worldwide revenue by device.

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The mastodont of OTT like Netflix, Hulu, HBO now, Fubo, Philo, Sling and others have applications almost on all Smart TV devices (Apple TV, Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Android TV, Samsung TV, LG TV, Vizio TV, Google TV, Sony TV etc).

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Supported devices by brands

Apple TV Roku TV Amazon Fire TV Chromecast Android TV Samsung TV LG TV Vizio TV Google TV Sony TV Overall
Hulu 8
Sling 8
Netflix 7
HBO now 7
Fubo 6
Philo 4

Their subscribers can watch their favorite shows and movies from any Smart TV device thanks to huge funds of investment. But what to do if you have a limited budget? What application is better to make first that definitely will bring money?
If you look at past years trend you can see leaders of the market. [source]

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As you can see the first place takes Roku and the second is Tizen (OS for Samsung TV) devices. Huge demand on these devices guarantee big quantity of subscribers.

Next step is to choose reliable vendor with affordable rate. If you will do it for the first time you have to be very capricious and scrupulous cause your vendor decides destiny of your company success.

We prepared a checklist for you How to choose a new software development vendor. It will help you to save time and money on selecting process and will give you brief knowledge on how projects are managed. In case you already had a bad experience with software vendors the checklist will help highlight the main points that you need to pay attention to next time and understand your mistakes.

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With reliable software engineers:

  • high quality of the product;
  • fast time to market, higher performance;
  • project completed on time;
  • project costs saved;
  • satisfied end users;
  • strong marketing positioning;
  • reliable business growth.
Source: First Institute of Reliable Software

Ignoring Reliable Software
practices leads to:

  • financial losses;
  • critical interruptions in business operations;
  • delays in project deliveries;
  • cancellation of projects;
  • budget overruns;
  • poor user experience and low software quality.
Source: First Institute of Reliable Software

Vladimir Obrizan

Director at Design and Test Lab