CaptureIt! App

Our company is called, we offer high-impact plastic postcard mailers with credit-card-sized tear-offs, that our clients can use as direct mailers, gift cards, loyalty cards, or all 3-in-1. We turn couponers into loyal customers. We want to integrate a cloud-based tracking tool, imprinted onto each mailpiece that our clients (the merchants) can use to track redemption and usage... all from the convenience of a smartphone... without spending a penny on loyalty software or expensive systems integrations. No more punchcards, now small- and medium-sized businesses can build for themselves an instant loyalty program. These are not generic QR code readers, if scanned from our CaptureIt app, the merchants can capture customer information. When scanned from any generic QR code scanner, scanner will be led to a landing page of the merchant's choosing.
Customer: By Ideas Bright Group.