ID Waiter

Identity management
Software as a Service

Direction: identity management system

Business: B2B, B2C

Platforms: iPhone, web

ID Waiter lets you design, issue, verify, and track cards in one place, whether you’re creating new employee ID cards for your business, membership cards for clubs or badges for conferences.

Software platform provides you easy managing of the design, verification and printing ID cards and badges.

We integrate cloud, mobile and QR technologies to print out cards physically – plastic card and/or virtually – direct to a mobile wallet.

Available to send text messages or push notifications. Also you can download messages locally.

What can you do with this app?

Take photos and personal details

You can add your photo, information details to a card. Everything will be synced instantly with your database.

Design and issue your admired card

Design your own ID Card with your background, logo and custom info. Print cards on Cloud Printers or send ID card to your member of the club.

A wallet for member cards or ID cards

Sign in as an Administrator and choose a single wallet for individual members to keep their ID’s or identity details.

Verify attendance at events or classes

Choose “Scan rights”, read member’s QR code and get information about this person.


Send messages or push notifications to members of clubs. SMS or pushes are synchronized with cloud admin interface.


On the prototype stage we have to decide which style and design pattern to choose for equally good looking in both iOS, IPad and web app versions. Our goal is make easy-to-use interface for both platforms.


It was made for iPhone and web platforms. Web version of the app has only administrator panel. iPhone version made for members and for administrator.




QR-Code scanner









Amazon Web Services

Elastic Compute Cloud

Simple Storage Service

Python 3

Tornado Web



Development Team

Technical director

Vladimir Obrizan

UI/UX Designer

Maxim Dovgan

Anna Lgova

Software engineer

Mikhail Maximov

Ilya Bondarenko

Dmitriy Krasulya

Yuriy Kramarenko

Test engineer

Daria Shtelma

Project Manager

Tamara Strukova